Spot Migrant Stories

The Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean – IMD) is pleased to present the web series Migrant Stories in the International Human Rights Film Festival - FICDH. In addition to organizing film festivals, leading education programs and representing a cinematographic archive when it comes to human rights and environment, IMD generates its own audiovisual contents. Directed by Mariano Pozzi, in 2018 it was selected to receive the Fondo de Fomento Concursable para Medios de Comunicación Audiovisual - FOMECA (Development Funds for Audiovisual Communication Media) from the Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM). (National Communications Entity). It was co-produced by UN3, Universidad Tres de Ferebro’s channel.

Migrant Stories is an 8-episodes fictional web series. Each one of them tells the story of a Latin American migrant in the City of Buenos Aires. Agustín, Lucero, Pedro and Amaral cross their paths while they survive in a society that they arrived in by will of their own or by force majeure, but all aspiring to a better life.

In 2019, it will be screened online and you can watch it on the following link: http://un3.tv/. You can also follow Migrant Stories on Instagram at: Instagram

Cinema function: Centro Cultural General San Martín · Thursday 30th · 7 p.m.

Original Idea and Direction Mariano Pozzi
Script Mariano Pozzi y Melisa Vega
Cast Amaral - Mariana Genesio Peña
Agustin - Dylan Hurtado
Pedro - Andrés Pabón
Lucero - Camila Azul Sosa
Production Marina Marin
Natacha Bucatari
Maximiliano Rottjer
Assistant Director Melisa Vega
Casting Josefina Pieres
Edition Agustín de Martino
Direction of Protography Natalia Tenembaum
Ezequiel Cambiasso
Gaffers Agustin Isar
Matias Hlace
Data Manager Martina Szklar
Sound Direction Alejandro Baldasso
Microfonists Fabricio Rodriguez
Lucas Kremar
Art Direction and Costume Camila Bintureira
Art Assistant Estefanía Belén Barra
Makeup and Hairstyling Leslie Geler
Scoring Julian Tenembaum
Transportation Diego Araujo
Martina Szklar