“Mi cuerpo, mi batalla” (My Body, My Battle) - Documentary Photography for Teenagers Workshop

Deconstruction of the marks of violence through documentary photography.
Photography as catharsis. Photography as performance. The search of identity in what is perceptual, rather than rational (or discursive). Transmuting feelings and sensations, not to relive them, but to purge them. Finding a way to exorcize through art. Destruct to construct. What do we want, beyond what is expected from us as women? What have we been allowed to dream of? What are our dreams today? What are our desires? How do we portrait them?
The workshop was coordinated by Marian Bellone (photographer and documentarist) and Mariel Giménez (psychotherapist and researcher) and it was oriented to cis women, lesbians, trans and non-binary identities.
facebook: Destruir para Construir (Destruct to Construct).

“Raise Your Voice” Rap Workshop

Girls and boys between 10 and 14 years from all parts of the city expressed their ideas, their dreams and their view of the world through rap. Welcomed into the facilities of the “Una y otra vez” (“Once and again”) Communitarian Kindergarten, in Barracas neighbourhood and with the support of a group of workshop coordinators, they were the protagonists of a beautiful day full of rap, putting into practice all their knowledge, talent and passion.
Thursday, May 30

1 p.m.

Alliance Française, Buenos Aires - Auditorium
Av. Córdoba 946, City of Buenos Aires

18th FICDH Opening

6.30 p.m.

MU Trinchera Boutique
Riobamba 143, City of Buenos Aires

Lecture on Trans Infancy and Adolescence

“There’s not a single way to be trans, nor a single way to inhabit our own body. Transitions have to do with a strictly personal desire that belongs to each one of us. Through that experiencing, we construct alternatives that say something different about being a man or a woman.”
[Alan Otto Prieto]

Choosing to create a body. Allowing, enabling oneself to rethink and unlock academic, social and media concepts that constrain boys and girls to a binary conception ruled by genitality. Children deserve to be free. Our society deserves to destroy prejudices and fears and expand horizons to all of those whose self-perception escape traditional standards, so obsolete these days. Because we want happy infancies. Because there cannot be happiness without freedom.
Screening: O Órfão by Carolina Markowicz (15’)
Guests: Gabriela Mansilla (President of Asociación Infancias Libres -Free Infancies Association- and mother of Luana, the first girl in the world to change her ID so it contains the name that reflects her self-perceived gender identity thanks to the Argentinian Identity Law and author of Me Girl, Me Princess), Movimiento de Juventudes Trans (Trans Youths Movement), Alan Otto Prieto (trans man, activist in Capicüa organization), Francisco Quiñones Cuartas (Principal of the Bachillerato Popular Trans Mocha Celis), Viviana González (President of the Bachillerato Popular Trans Mocha Celis Students Union), Emiliano Litardo (Lawyer and teacher, member of Abosex, co-editor of Argentina’s Gender Identity Law / 2012).
Saturday, June 1

7 p.m. to 12 p.m.

MU Trinchera Boutique
Riobamba 143, City of Buenos Aires

Free Presents Day: Bodies, Voices and Perspectives in Action

A meeting to share the experience of young and teenage cis and trans women and men, lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites and non-binary persons who are growing up and chasing their dreams. They desire, project new worlds and construct new identities; they raise their voice and fight for their rights.

Special Screening

Photographs from the workshop My Body, My Battle, Movimiento de Juventudes Trans (Trans Youths Movement), Violeta Capasso, among others.
Short films from the 18th FICDH: Pibxs (Kids), Documentary web series by La Tribu, Design Cooperative and Audiovisual collective Vacabonsai, A Dark Day of Injustice, by Daniela Fiore and Julio Azamor (11’).

Open Mic + Freestyle Hip Hop Jam

Live presentation and screening of the video clip “Kids have to be heard”, that resulted from the rap workshop “Raise your voice”, with the presence of the kids that took part in it: Jonatan Acosta, Rodrigo Guzmán, Maya Aranibar, Ana Laura Duarte, Paola Rocío Poquechoque, Gael Darío Figueredo, Jesús Roldán, Tiziano Valentín Rodríguez, Sebastián Echevarría.

Fanzines and independent publications Fair + Feminist graphic by Estampa Feminista

Presentation of publications by independent editorials and young artists that work on identity, the body, discourse and feminisms.
Sunday, June 2

2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Museo del hambre (Hunger Museum)
Av. San Juan 2491, City of Buenos Aires

Free Childhood Day

“Talking about tenderness in these times of ferocity is not an ingenious act at all. It is a profoundly political concept. It is emphasizing on the need to resist to the barbarization of social ties that is present in our worlds.”
[Fernando Ulloa, psychoanalyst]
A place to get together and exchange ideas, and also for recreation and tenderness, where deconstructions and new constructions may take place. Since infancy is a social, historical and political construction, we propose to think about childhood in motion and kids as political subjects and co-protagonists of social transformation.

Children’s Books Ethical Fair

Presentation of a selection of children’s books focusing on identity, recreation and the environment. A place for families to interact with books, play, learn and get in touch with alternative approaches to children’s literature.

3 p.m.

Animation Short Films for Girls and Boys

Screenings: Irma by Alejo Schettini and Germán Tejeira (5´40”) + Camilo, un niño ciego (Camilo, A Blind Boy), from the series Pichintún by Karen Garib Bravo (6´53”) + Migrópolis (Migropolis) by Karolina Villarraga Prieto (7´47”), Divercine Festival selection; El dios (The God) by Konstantin Bronzit (4´), Nueva Mirada Festival selection.

4 p.m.

Theater Play: Little Red Riding Hood’s True Story, by Paula Alfieri

Clown Show for kids between 6 and 14 years old.
“One day, Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her grandmother. As usual, she chooses the longest way because that is the one she likes better. She loves the woods, a beautiful place full of trees, butterflies, birds, wild strawberries and a lake where water is crystal clear. But an unexpected encounter will prevent her from reaching her destination. Why didn’t she make it to her grandma’s? Was it the wolf? What really happened to her in the woods?
Little Red Riding Hood is here to tell us her true story, one of a brave girl who deconstructs the woman-princess figure (vulnerable, weak, helpless). A determined, courageous, smart Riding Hood; an empowered girl, sensitive and valiant, willing to fight for what she wants.
Little Red Riding Hood will shake the world of tales and the pre-established to make us question old structures that build stereotypes that support inequality. She invites us to find a new path towards an egalitarian society where we care for each other, where there’s respect and reciprocity, where the universe of emotions is open to everyone and opportunities are within reach, where there is room for diversities.”
Playwriting and Direction: Paula Alfieri
Actress: Paula Alfieri
Tuesday, June 4

3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires - Aula Magna
Paraguay 2155, City of Buenos Aires

FINCA Day in collaboration with the Independent Study Program on Food Sovereignty - UBA
“The right of girls and boys to healthy, safe and sovereign nutrition”

2.45 p.m.


3 p.m.

Special screening, a homage to Andrés Carrasco - Andrés Carrasco | Disruptive Science, by Valeria Tucci (72’)

Guests: Valeria Tucci and Gabriela Franchini (director and producer of Andrés Carrasco | Disruptive Science), Andrea Graciano (Head of the Argentine Federation of Graduates in Nutrition).

5 p.m.

Discussion Panel “Childhood: the right to healthy, safe and sovereign nutrition”

The right to food is a basic and fundamental human right. According to the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, every child’s access to food that is sufficient, within reach, long-lasting and in healthy conditions must be guaranteed so they are able to develop physically and intellectually in an adequate way, from the moment of the conception of the baby and throughout the entire pregnancy. In Argentina, more that 40% of the boys, girls and adolescents live in a situation of extreme poverty, which inevitably leads to undernutrition. However, there is no official data regarding this issue. We know we face a serious malnutrition situation, both when it comes to undernutrition and childhood obesity. It is imperative and necessary to implement responsible and efficacious public policies that guarantee the access to a healthy, sufficient and balanced diet, made up of nutritious food, healthy, free of agrotoxins, as well as the control over unhealthy food and drinks marketing and the project to label products for consumers to make healthier decisions, as has already been done in some countries like Chile.
Guests: María Elena Naddeo (General Director of Childhood, Adolescence, Gender and Diversity at Public Advocate’s Office and member of APDH), Enrique O. Abeyá Gilardon (Pediatrician at the Argentinian Society of Pediatrics and member of the Lactation Subcomittee), La Dignidad Popular Movement, Miryam Gorban (degree in Nutrition, Chief Coordinator of the Independent Study Program on Food Sovereignty, FMED - UBA, School of Nutrition, UBA. Honorary Head of the Executive Board of Doctors of the World, Argentina).

8 p.m.

Alliance Française, Buenos Aires - Auditorium
Av. Córdoba 946, City of Buenos Aires

Special Screening of Yvonne, by Marina Rubino (68’) + Lecture “Yvonne Pierron, Witness of History”

With the director of Yvonne, Marina Rubino, Buscarita Roa (from Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who met Yvonne), Horacio Méndez Carreras (defending lawyer of Frensh missing persons), Eric Domergue, the author of the book Yvonne Pierron, Su lugar en el mundo (Yvonne Pierron, her Place in the World) and Pierre Henri Guignard, Embassador of France to Argentina. Organized by Grupo Documental, the French Embassy in Argentina and the Alliance Française.