IMD launches Program for Teaching Human Rights through Film in Secondary Schools of the City of Buenos Aires

27 de ABRIL, 2015

The Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (IMD), in continuing to teach the defense of human rights and the promotion of the civic culture committed to strengthening democracy, has been working since July on implementing the Programa Educar en Derechos Humanos a través del Cine, a program for teaching about human rights through film in schools and communities, specifically targeting young people.
Currently, four trainers teach their classes in 11 secondary schools in the City of Buenos Aires. More than 200 children and teens are taking part in this program, whose content seeks to educate them on audiovisual language and its relationship with human rights.
This program is a result of the “Schools” category created at the 2010 International Human Rights Film Festival, which features short films about life experiences and stories of the participants, all related to human rights.
The program seeks to encourage training in audiovisual production and to raise awareness in younger generations and disadvantaged communities about human rights violations, both individual and socio-economic.
It also encourages them to develop a critical view towards their social surroundings, seeking positive ways to intervene and bring change through the use of audiovisual tools.
This educational program is supported by the Department of Human Rights of the City of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, and the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI).