The IMD Held Animation and Comics Workshops Centered on Human Rights as Part of an Educational Programme

27 de ABRIL, 2015

The educational mission of the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC (IMD) to advocate for human rights and promote civic education to strengthen democratic culture has been carried out through 16 years of projects and activities. One of these initiatives is the organization of Animation and Comics Workshops Centered on Human Rights.

Held in the commune 4 district in 2014 with the support of the Department of Habitat and Inclusion of the City of Buenos Aires, these workshops for underprivileged children aimed to reinforce and complement the formal and informal education they receive at school or tutoring programmes.

In October’s edition, workshops were conducted in the neighborhood Los Piletones and in shantytowns 1.11.14, 31 and 31 bis. Children learnt to work together by sharing ideas and being active participants in the creative process. This was also an opportunity to raise awareness about the rational use of water to prevent water waste.

One of the goals was to stimulate children’s creativity and help them develop their own ideas. To promote this, they were provided with material for practicing their own techniques outside the workshops.

Towards the end of the course, children were able to identify the graphic narrative used in comics and the storyboard language of animated short films, which allowed them to create their own works from scratch.

Due to the success of the 2014 edition, there will be new workshops this year.